Le Bout'Bout retraçant les temps forts de notre été 2013 est disponible ici


06/03/14 17:29

Eurocat 2014

Notice of race and entry form are available here.

27/04/13 17:33

Eurocat 2013

Eurocat - 28 avril au 1er mai

Le raid aura lieu demain dimanche, les avenants 1 et 2 sont en ligne sur le site du club.


11/02/12 15:44

Eurocat 2013

Eurocat 2013

The notice of race and the entry form are available

29/04/11 17:17

eurocat 2011

This is the end of the first day. You'll find later the press release and the ranking on our website.

See you tomorrow !

29/04/11 07:24

eurocat 2011

Good morning ! It's 9h15. Briefing for the 250 boats at 10h00. First start at 11h30


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