How to register to the Eurocat

The registration will be opened from this Friday 8th of February at 12.00.

For individual registration, please go to our website :

For Club/ group inscription (5 boats minimum with all members of the crews licensed in the same Club): By mail only at: , with inscription form fully completed and fee transferred by a Bank transfer to the following address:

Bank transfer:
IBAN : FR76 1380 7002 2230 2210 0271 241 CCBPFRPPNAN

Eurocat is also inscriptions with a lot of nice surprises

No cost increase for the inscription of the races + Grand Raid. Price will  be the same whatever will be your inscription date ( except for the Grand raid alone).
- All crew , with inscription made prior to the 24th of March will receive a Surprise gift
The first 15 crews registered, will be proposed a free training Friday afternoon with a pro of the catamaran. The themes of this training will on shore: study of the currents, weather forecast and preparation if the raid and off shore, the start and the courses with individual correction.
- Should you come to the Eurocat with your Club, you will have a specific group subscription fee.

Online entry list

Entry list races and long distance


MARECHAL PATRICK 1292744J 56002 111
MANUS NICOLAS 1008796E 56016 111
FOUCART Michel 0403527R YCC FRA 7767
FOUCART Catherine 1360261P YCC FRA 7767
GEMMERICH FRANCK 1355880A 76025 113
JACOLIN Mathieu 1017613P UASG 113
CHAUSSARD Nicolas 1301185B UASG 112
DELEPLACE Jean-Christophe 1093520J 56002 FRA 7776
DELEPLACE-DURIEU Anne-Cécile 1200160S 56002 FRA 7776
GEORGES ERIC 1448018C 35002 MAR28
ROGER CANTIN 1181785B 62020 MAR28
de la Kethulle de Ryhove Alain 200700478 RBSC 7220
Hage Didier 200700478 RBSC 7220
Hare Simon Not required in UK Oxford Sailing Club 2026
billard olivier 0392643D 22025 FRA7959
MAMZER MICHEL 0457781F 9G603 FRA55
Deuce Gordon N/A in the UK Brightlingsea GBR 2024
Lacombe Thomas 0528532E YCC NA
Lacombe Damien 0528531D YCC NA
berisford andrew not required in the UK Hempstead 1947
Monteny Lars 2018-11 Skuijtevaert Katwijk NED 73
le norment philippe 0087438G 22027 FRA3618
Gilson Jean-Luc 0533450C 80011 FRA420
Van Wassenhove Emmanuel 1427135Z 78012 CVSQ FRA420
Tellier Olivier 0606012N 56002 FRA 76
BOURGNON Basile 1389706L 56470 FRA 76
kermarec michel 0407378C la rochelle 23
berthomieu Lou 1297863R la rochelle 23
PERRON Riwan 1189920A 56009 FRA 561
Boulbin Pierre 1183403M 17009 FRA 561
Comon Louise 1292524E ASNQ 196
lisbeth buonanno 1193659V snlocmariaquer 63317
dominique robert 1191616S snlocmariaquer 63260
RAPHALEN Matéo 1349940N 29050 008
GUILLEMOT Tugdual 1369464A 29050 008
PROUST ERIC 0235095R 17028 FRA17
PROUST THOMAS 1355020E 17028 FRA17
HARDY Michel 0085721T YCC FRA 079
HARDY Catherine 0948935Z YCC FRA 079
Egloff Fabrice 1358175R 56013 1985
KIEFFER STEPHANE 0033643V 830323 FRA218
saliou didier 0814683D 13042 FRA218
Moreau David 0421765P 59022 dunkerque FRA007
Valet-cousin adrien 1388139d 59022 dunkerque FRA007
Mousselon Allyson 0206301X 44001 516
Mousselon Olivier 1005009K 44001 516
Théo CONSTANCE 1202331D 29S09 92
DAUVERGNE PHILIPPE 0336494Q 35005 7777
Surzur Arthur 1096720S 29063) FRA911
Censier Raphael 1113664S 44001 FRA911
GATE Charles 0457129B 83032 FRA 1
Orion MARTIN 1002518Q 83032 FRA 1
LE MENEDEU HERVÉ 0500240J 40002 FRA 7965
LÉAUTÉ FRÉDÉRIQUE 1090796W 40002 FRA 7965
dinas thomas 1311124E 56068 FRA078
chavanon caroline 1415470Y 29910 FRA078
COSSE Gaspard 1269556E 56035 15
CHEVRIER Matteo 1245315D 56035 15
COUTAND Merlin 1309141P 56035 15
Le Guennec Jean Baptiste 1113221f 56002 à vérifier
Pirot Anne-Lise 1319531M 34016 à vérifier
Declef Marion 1351538C 56013 FRA001
Thareau Philippe 0471968J 64014 FRA909
Moutarde Julien 139673K 9R000 FRA909
VIAT LOUIS 0556379M SNT 301
Vandermersch Emmanuelle 1281229P 59022 1149
Schoonheere Charlotte 1445106U 59022 1149

Entry list long distance only


CURY Titouan 1340634U 29105 57
VIGOT Martin 1340668E 29105 57
Pedro Valentine 1032222G 56002 FRA 1040
Guillopé-Pierre Clarisse 1230259V 56002 FRA 1040
Le Nours Marin 1369466C 29050 CNFC FRA1155
Colombel Bastian 1352229C 29050 CNFC FRA1155