Magic Marine Solo 2019 nations cup - 13th till the 16th of July 2019

National Solo ©NSCA
National Solo ©NSCA

The National Solo is a dinghy designed in 1956, by jack Hold. This boat is mainly sailed in United Kingdom, Holland, Portugal and Australia. Built originally in wood, the new comers are mainly made in fiber glass or composite, such as in wood. 2016, was the 60th anniversary of the design of this boat. The Yacht Club of Carnac is ready to host around 80 Solo boats coming from 3 to 5 nations.


Online registrationMagic Marine Solo 2019 nations cup

Online entry list


Dieben Marc 9519088 WSV Giesbeek NED 601
Welsh Shaun N/A Lymington Town SC GBR5778
Savage Adam N/A Elton SC GBR5742
Davenport Oliver DX13 KZJ Northampton GBR5840
Tunnicliffe Andy TBC Burwain SC 5845
Latta Doug N/A Portchester SC & Hayling Island SC GBR6000
Burns Patrick N/A RYA GBR 5858
Restall Stephen N/A 3362/15 5617
Phil Sturmer EF66JZR Royal Burnham Yacht Club 5819
Reekie John TBA Bassenthwaite Sailing Club GBR 5407
Charlie Cumbley wwwwwww Warsash SC/TCYC 5705
brown chris no idea Warwick 5834
Maskell Mark N/A Blackwater SC GBR5779
Mitchell Peter XXX Warsash SC 5844
Palmer Terry 55 99 5724
Davies Nigel N/A Draycote Water SC GBR 5782
Hall Kev TBC Northampton SC GBR5524
Stuart Gary 101242 NORTHAMPTON GBR5852
Greening David Not known Salcombe Yacht Club GBR5792
Buchanan Malcolm N/A Lymington Town SC GBR 5570
Davison Neil 5748 ALTON GBR5748
Warne Peter N/A Northampton Sailing Club GBR5547
Wilson Graham N/A Northampton Sailing Club GBR5721
Lumby Roger not known Salcombe Yacht Club GBR 5747
Bailey Richie N/A HISC/RNSA 5816
Duetz Hans 115831 WSV Giesbeek NED598
den Herder Roel 4070430 WSV Giesbeek NED 622
Law Tim Gbrtl15 Salcombe 5743
Harper Mark n/a Dell Quay Sailing Club GBR5836
de Vries Klaas 208629 wsv Giesbeek NED 606
lee mark na Lymington Town SC GBR5130
Vincent Horey ABC1234567 King George Sailing Club GBR5850
Fox Andrew N/A Leigh & Lowton Sailing Club GBR5745
Guess Roger N/A Salcombe 5851
Lovering Richard 5831 Hayling Island Sailing Club GBR 5831
Laurie Ron N/A Harlow (blackwater) SC GBR5496
Thomas Nigel N / A Hill Head SC GBR 5670
Denison Steve 00 00 5763
webster john YS59CXD Carsington SC 5842
Schapers Barbara 12015459 Gwv de Vrijbuiter Ned565
Battiau Hendrik 2007124030 1056-0005 Bel 4290
Butler Alex N/A Hayling Island SC GBR5781
Fluttert Marc 247744 WV de Braassemermeer NED570
Gaillard Marleen 110911 WV Braassemermeer NED 600
Pybus Nigel TBA Northampton Sailing Club 5655
Arnold Arnold 123456 GWV de Vrijbuiter NED619
Marden Nick N/A Bough Beech SC & St. Mawes SC 5715
Zonneveld Norbert 230881 WSV Giesbeek NED 631
Campbell Thomas 2019055 2019055 GBR5824
King Tony N/A Bassenthwaite Sailing Club GBR5408
Koldewijn Anja 4015320 Giesbeek NED 609
Wildenberg Mark 4100565 Braassemermeer NED626
Bosma Yme 4001577 WSV Giesbeek 2325 NED599
Bakker Roel 3475 3475 NED583
de Boer Michiel 4068449 KWS NED627
Bakker Ted 8035249 WSV Giesbeek NED575
Laurie Robert Xx Harlow Blackwater SC 5134
Eijsink Floris 9645358 WSV Giesbeek NED512
Ingram Ian N/A N/A 5695
Raynard Alastair 5037 Carsington 5037
Smith G 0 Salcombe 5755
Honnor Martin GBR 5658 Ogston Sailing Club GBR 5658
Jackson Nick 1 Burghfield GBR5361
Hyland Andy N/A Lymington Town SC 5796
Mitchell David N/A Warsash GBR 5750