Eurocat 2017 - Teaser

Newsletter 13th april 2017

Dear competitor

The Notice of Race and the registration forms are available on the website : Only few more days to be entitled to a reduced price.

News 2017
Advantages :
- 4 days of competition
- More time sailing
- Less waiting time between each race
- More time for a better preparation to anticipate the long distance route.

Remember : Entertainment
- All support boats are bound by the RRS 3
- RRS briefing  will be organized every day (around 15 mn) : to exchange on the regulation in a friendly way

To note
Boats are parked on the 2 nautical bases (East and West):
- more exchanges between competitors
- Close to the main tent for briefing and prize giving
- Close to the sign-in table and bar.

- Stand up paddle and kayak races for accompanying people (free but limited number)
- Diner for all people* on Sunday after long distance race and after stand up paddle and kayak races prize giving

* Registration MANDATORY not later than the 24th of April, €20/person (drinks included)

Newsletter 23rd March 2017

Dear competitor

Eurocat is coming soon, a reduced price (20%) is given when registering before the 17th of April.

News 2017
Long distance around Houat island*On Saturday 29th April
Clear information will be given.
Map of the bay will be posted on the screen under the tent, with the GPS  location of the gates**.

Advantage for competitors :
Better preparation for the course
*If the weather forecast allows it
**Could be changed Saturday morning due to the weather change

Remember : Entertainment
Stand up paddle and kayak for accompanying people on Saturday and Sunday in the afternoon 

Friendly diner
On Sunday 30th April after the Long distance prizes ceremony. Don’t forget the registration on the website. €20 for competitors and family or friends (drinks included) 

To note
The long distance is a part of the multihulls long distance Brittany championship. The rules of sailing will be strictly applied, especially for early starting. This long distance is a regatta.

RRS 2017-2020
A briefing about New Sailing Rules will be organized every day, 15mn before the briefing competitors.
Based on concrete cases, the chairman of jury will explain the rules. It will provide a good opportunity to exchange on the new rules in a friendly matter.

Newsletter 21st February 2017

Dear competitor,

Eurocat is coming soon; it’s time to do your registration for the 31st Eurocat at There are good surprises this year: 

The format of races is changing !
We organise a new format of races: Constructed courses like coast course. The Race Committee will be able to use natural marks, instead of buoys. It will save time for the race preparation.

The benefits :
. More time sailing
. Less waiting time between each race

Price cut for entry fees

Young (less under years of age Adult
in 2017
in 216
in 2017
in 2016

RSS 2017-2020
This month : Rule n°31 extract
The concept of « support person »2 now appears and is totally integrated in the fundamental rules.
The support person agrees :
-          To accept the RSS 2017-2020
-          The penalties imposed and other action taken under the rules…
Each competitor :
-          Agrees that such support persons are bound by the rules
-          Ensures they are aware of the rules…

1 Consult the entire rule n°3 in the Racing Rules of Sailing by World Sailing
2Support Person Any person who:
(a) provides, or may provide, physical or advisory support to a competitor, including any coach, trainer, manager, team staff, medic, paramedic or any other person working with, treating or assisting a competitor in or preparing for the competition, or
(b) is the parent or guardian of a competitor.

Newsletter 03rd November 2016

Dear Eurocat competitor,

We are pleased to host you to the Eurocat. The regatta will be held from 28th April to 1st May 2017 here to Carnac Yacht Club and this year there will be 4 days of racing. 

The last year was a great 30th Eurocat with a splendid long distance around the Houat Island. You were more than a hundred of crews to sail and we would like to offer our most sincere thanks for your participation. Relive the highlights of the Eurocat through videos taken during the races.

We want the Eurocat remains a friendly event so your opinion interests us. Please, can you reply to the question: During a crews evening, would you rather want?

--Cocktail reception


-- Other (specify)

-- You don’t want go to crews evening

We hope to see you here to Carnac.